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LoHi Flats was our earliest development and marked the arrival of  Generation Development into the burgeoning LoHi neighborhood. Market analysis suggested this to be a successful flagship and time has proven to be correct. This was also to be our first modern design. Long and linear, LoHi Flats effectively uses the space to create ample parking, one and two bedroom condos with private patios and rooftop decks. The interiors boast clean lines, maximum functionality and distinguished details. It stands as a crisp example of a lean footprint delivering a profitable product volume without sacrificing design.

Total Project Revenue:  $2,500,000  Residential Units: 9  Sell Out: 02/2012
Total Equity Raised: $400,000  Payback: 36 months  Return on Equity: 58%  IRR: 31%

2640 North Central Court | Denver, CO

LoHi Flats Kitchen Modern Denver
LoHi Flats Bedroom Exterior Modern Denver
LoHi Flats Rooftop Patio Modern Denver