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We never stop looking for the next opportunity. Take a look at our formula for success.


Our ambition to stay on top of the Denver real-estate market has contributed to our success. We are passionate about the right information and ensuring that we use it to the fullest extent, whether that means setting conservative sales pricing to move inventory and maintain returns, or holding land to capitalize on rising prices. In all cases, we utilize market data to ensure that we can produce the best result for all of our stakeholders.


We strive to acquire land in the most desirable Denver neighborhoods because we know that those properties will retain their value. These locations continue to stand the test of time and create lasting returns for the home buyer.


Our higher standard for design really sets us apart from other developers. Our intent with each project is to enhance the neighborhood it lives in with beautiful aesthetics as well as a functional connection to the existing neighborhood. Rather than maxing out the lot and over-crowding the area with too many new units, our buildings often have the effect of reducing in-fill density because they have been designed for quality of living. Each unit is oriented to maximize light, privacy, and livability, complete with various communal and private outdoor spaces. The materials used are chosen for durability and ease of maintenance in addition to their visual appeal. We believe this approach ensures that the site will continue to be an attractive dwelling for future generations.



Extensive diligence on acquisitions is one key to our success. We work out the details of zoning, concept, city approval, as well as bids for major cost centers prior to finalizing any land purchase. This ensures that the project can create maximum value for the investors and the community.  With these details in hand, equity is raised to purchase and entitle land during the early phases.

We work with only the best design teams and general contractors. The mix of proven firms and creativity helps us solve problems on projects where others haven’t. Engineers and architects are the first to contribute to Generation Development’s initial concepts for a project. General Contractors also come in early on to look for opportunities to add value and contain costs. With these partnerships finalized and permits ready, bank financing is introduced to fund the remaining project costs.

We are proud to stand by our product and don’t disappear after the closing table. We continue to maintain community involvement through Home Owners and Neighborhood Associations, as well as through support of local charities, such as Bienvenidos Food Bank. In addition, our warranty process is extremely hands-on with attention to problem solving and maintaining harmonious long-lasting relationships with our buyers. With this high level of involvement, we are able to ensure that our buildings and our reputation can stand the test of time.

The typical horizon for an investment in our development projects ranges from 24 – 36 months. Equity and investor returns are paid out of proceeds from sales as the project closes out.


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