Doing things the way they’ve always been done just isn’t our style.

At Generation Development, we’re always striving for more, and achieving it. Building on what’s always been done in new, better ways, and pushing each project to be more innovative and unique than the last. 

14 years in
7 completed
3 projects in
the works
238 urban
465000 square

100 million in

All under one roof.

One of the things that makes our company so unique is that we have our own development, construction, design, marketing and finance teams all in-house. This allows for maximum efficiencies in communication and timelines, collaborating every step of the way to solve problems and plan ahead of challenges. We also focus on one or two projects at a time, which enables us to pour all our attention into finding new, innovative solutions for process and design.

Most of all, we’re all on the same team, focused on the same goal: to create remarkable places our owners will absolutely love living in.


Our full-time team of Architects and Designers work solely within Generation Development to bring cutting edge, design-forward solutions to each project. Leveraging our experience designing everything from commercial spaces, to office buildings, and multi- and single-family homes for some of the area’s most renowned firms, we bring a curiosity and relentless passion for delivering designs that, while unique to each project, carry certain consistent themes we like to hang our hats on here at Generation Development. Things like a quiet confidence, restraint, and well-crafted, minimalist detailing for a streamlined and modern look with timelessness appeal—through the use of interesting materials, facades, floor plans and always, something special and unique to every building.


Our construction team works directly with our developers and architects in real-time to collaborate on all decisions as each project progresses, problem solving together to achieve the best possible outcome while doing our best to stick to timelines and budgets. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with each other and our subcontractor partners, leveraging our valuable in-house oversight to improve communication, understanding, team work, and collaboration. We work directly with our vendors to solve problems on the fly, and by their side, while striving to create a fun, rewarding, and encouraging work environment no matter what role you play on the team. Not to mention, having construction in-house allows for expedited pay structures to get dollars in the hands of our subcontractors more quickly.

Our Team

While it’s true our company feels like family, we’re more like close friends who love working together. We pass each other in the hallway, discuss ideas over lunch, we’re on site, in the office, always collaborating for the greater good of every project we undertake. Thanks to ownership that values the individual contributions we bring to the table, we’re empowered to excel in our roles and beyond. Most of all, because we work in an environment of unequivocal collaboration, we’re comfortable pushing one another, and pushing back when we believe there’s a better way. And always celebrating our wins as a team.


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