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Why invest with us?

Having worked in the Denver development industry as long as we have, we understand what the market needs and craft each deal to land. We’ve  built a reputation of integrity, honesty and transparency that gives us leverage in bringing successful new condos to market. 

We benefit from the financial efficiencies of our in-house development, construction and design teams. This allows us to solve problems quickly, stick to timelines, and deliver the highest quality products.

Lastly, financial diversity is always an incentive. And putting your money back into the communities where we live and play is more than a solid financial decision but a way to support local business, hundreds of construction jobs, and contribute to the evolving fabric of the city we call home.

We think there’s a reason we have so many repeat investors.

Transparency with our investors is at the core of everything we do, starting from the outset of every project. From the numbers to the timing, we communicate updates regularly, even when unforeseen delays arise, and structure our deals to the end benefit of all parties involved, through a combination of preferred return and profit sharing.

Since 2009, we’ve returned $50 million in capital, delivered over $100 million in revenue and have had approximately 75% of our investors invest with us again. We’d love to add you to the list.


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